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Objects in the Mirror is a film about the generations. The narrative line follows Hedda, 79, and her granddaughter Leah, 5 and begins as Hedda tells of her decision to flee Nazi Germany and come to America with only six dollars in her pocket. They then drive to Brooklyn to visit the tomb of Robert, Leah's grandfather and Hedda's second husband. On the way, Hedda recounts stories of her life, of her first marriage to escape an unhappy childhood, of her failed second marriage, and finally of the suicide of her married lover, Wilhelm.

The narrative is illustrated with film footage and still images of Hedda made decades ago by her two husbands who were obsessed with photographing their young and beautiful object of love. Footage and/or stills of Robert, Hedda's first husband Walter, and her lover Wilhelm are interwoven with images of the road trip and the cemetery, a gothic Levitown of granite mausoleums embellished with Greek columns, stained glass, and the names of the select of New York's German Jewry.

After the visit, Leah reveals that she, too, even in her short life has loved and lost, and the film concludes with Leah taking her grandmother to see the stone in her back yard which marks the place her cat, Rose, had been buried the summer before. In contrast to Hedda, for whom the pain of tragedy is buried beneath years of emotional armor, Leah's memories of her animal friend are still readily accessible