Small Potatoes


Written by Bob Rogers

Directed by Martha Pinson


Starring (in alphabetical order):

BOB ADRIAN - Waterman Town (Justice)

DAN ANDERSON - "Bull" Dewkey (Police Chief)

CARLA BIANCHI - Isabelle Rose (an actress)

MICHAEL FEGLEY - Ozone (Parks Commissioner)

JINN KIM - Nol Prat (an illegal alien)

LEE MOORE - Senator from the State of New York (retired)

CHRISTOPHER BENSON-REED - "Flash" O'Leary (Fire Chief)

GENEVIEVE SCHARTNER - Lotte Malloy (Bank President)

ANTHONY SPINA - Felix Culpa (Mayor Culpa)

ERIC TAYLOR - Morty Fernnades (Assistant Stage Manager)

  Poster from the NYC Premiere at the John Houseman Studio Theater - February, 2000

"A Universal Comic Story!"
- NY Today

."A Straight-Ahead Farce!"
- The Village Voice

"Funny!" - The New York Times

- TheaterMania

    (l to r) Chris Reed, Anthony Spina, Genevieve Schartner, Jinn Kim and
Michael Fegely play high-stakes poker in the opening scene.