On or About Art and Photography


The Language of Photography

A step-by-step guide to understanding how photographic imagery communicates


Photography and the Photographic Image

Published in the College Art Association ART JOURNAL, Fall 1978


Realism and the Photographic Image

Published in the GAZETTE DES BEAUX-ARTS, September 1981

Gazette des Beaux arts

Seeing and Believing: the ideological roots of the photographic image

How photography became an affirmation that the personal, subjective, idiosyncratic vision depicted in photographic images represents objective and transcendent Truth -- Afterimage Vol. 40, No. 4



Photography Changes How
Family History is Constructed

click! Photography Changes Everything is a collection of essays and stories by invited contributors and visitors discussing how photography shapes our culture and our lives.


Messages in a Bottle

Article on the exhibition of Nathan Lyon's Riding 1st Class on the Titanic at the Catskill Center for Photography, Published in "Center Works"Artists


A Brief History of the Photographic Image

Artists had been using the image created by the camera for 500 years before chemistry was introduced to make it automatically permanent


Museum Quality

Through critical writing and images, Rogers explores the relationship between art as a business and a cultural touchstone. Paperback: 56 Pages.  Publisher: QCC Art Gallery Press; 1st edition (2016) Special Collector's edition contains an original signed photogravure.





The Value of Art

How the present relationship between artists, their art, and the art market
can be explained by a fundamental change in the nature of wealth itself.


Museum Quality